When should I see a Family lawyer?

Family law is different to other areas of law due to its very personal nature. Family law disputes unfortunately can end up in Court.  Court proceedings can be extremely stressful and costly with uncertainty as to the outcome. 

We recommend that you consult with an experienced solicitor at Perth Family Lawyers at any stage for advice.  You can seek advice if you are considering separation or whilst you and your partner may be living separately under the same roof.  If you are contemplating a separation, or are concerned that your partner may be, it is essential you receive the right advice and the right time to protect your and your children’s interests. Lawyers are bound by strict rules of confidentiality, so you do not have to worry about your partner (or anyone else for that matter) finding out about that you have spoken with Perth Family Lawyers.

With regards to the care of your children, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can provide you with appropriate legal advice at any stage.  We can also direct you to numerous services that can also assist you navigating parenting issues during a family breakdown including public services including Relationships Australia or Family Relationship Centres, or private providers. 

The Child Support Agency handles child support issues, on behalf of the parent entitled to receive child support.  If the other parent is failing to comply with his or her child support obligations, or you are experiencing difficulties or are confused about child support, we urge you to come and discuss your options with Perth Family Lawyers

For financial issues at separation including spousal maintenance and property settlement, we always recommend that your fist step should be to see a solicitor at Perth Family Lawyers, to ensure you are aware of all your rights and responsibilities.  We can help you achieve the best possible outcome and take the stress off your shoulders by acting on your behalf. If you are intending to speak with your partner yourself or wish to try mediation – it is an excellent idea to find out in advance from experienced independent family lawyers what your options are.  We can give you the right advice at the right time about immediate issues, such as whether you should access money from a joint account, whether you should remain in, or leave the family home, or whether you should continue paying liabilities including mortgage repayments depending on your particular circumstances.

We can be as much or as little involved in your family law matters as you want us to be. We can provide you with one-off or ad-hoc advice, or we can handle the case for your entirely.  We can go to court for you and prepare your documents, and we can communicate with your former partner for you. For many of our clients dealing with the emotional aspects of separation is difficult enough without also trying to negotiate with their former partner regarding parenting or financial issues.  Some clients also do not have the confidence to engage in communication directly with their former partner for a variety of reasons. 

Our solicitors and all members of our team have years of experience in dealing with complex family law issues and are aware that those issues are often very emotional and deeply personal. We recommend that you arrange a meeting with Perth Family Lawyers even if you are just thinking about separating. It is always better to have an idea of what your options are, as it is well known that uncertainty creates anxiety, and anxiety is the last thing that you need when making important decisions which can impact not only yours, but your children’s lives too.

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