The impact of COVID-19 on relationships

New data has confirmed that the coronavirus lockdown has put a strain on relationships.

study on the impacts of Covid-19 show that 42% of people have experienced a negative change in their relationships during the last few months. It appears that this statistic is directly related to the finding that 55% of people reported feeling challenged by their living arrangements during this time.

The enquiries that Perth Family Lawyers have received over the last few months contain some familiar themes including the stress of our change in lifestyle, financial stress, uncertainty, juggling working from home, looking after kids, and home schooling. It can be difficult to maintain a positive and healthy environment when you are forced into a lockdown with all the uncertainty that brings.

By way of example, often conflict can arise between family members during holidays periods such as Christmas and Easter, as families spend more time together than usual.  Being forced into lockdown can make areas of conflict much more apparent and emphasised as people suddenly don’t have the usual structures of their routines like work, school and social events.

At Perth Family Lawyers we have experienced a spike in people seeking advice over their relationship issues or preparing for separation shortly after such holiday periods.  The Coronavirus lockdown had brought all the same problems to the helm that holidays do, minus the Christmas spirit or chocolate eggs.

To further add to the issues, many couples have experienced that being together more often leads to a decline in intimacy.   Studies indicate that spending too much time together can have a deleterious effect on desire and create intimacy issues in couples.

Further, the pandemic has impacted on some couples making it financially or physically impossible to separate and forced them to reside as ‘separately under one roof’, which can be extremely difficult to navigate and shortly becomes untenable. 

Whilst this is the case, our solicitors and staff at Perth Family Lawyers have also noticed that people that were separated, have been more prepared to compromise and to come up with clever ways to figure things out, support each other, and maintain their post-separation relationship. This must be the positive side of the pandemic.  For some couples fighting against the mutual enemy that is COVID-19 can result in them compromising and being willing to cooperate or settle their outstanding issues.

More good news is that more than 90% of survey respondents said they had experienced no change or a positive change in their relationships with their parents, children, friends, extended family, neighbours and colleagues.

These are unprecedented times and we are yet to see what long term impact will occur in lives and relationships. What is apparent is that everyone needs support. Your friends and family can provide emotional support and comfort. But we are here to provide legal support, advice and assistance through this confusing period and answer your questions and doubts. Perth Family Lawyers are here to assist with your children’s matters and financial matters, we are ready to negotiate the best possible outcome for you and your kids, and we are a strong and passionate team.

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