Property Settlement

Disputes between spouses and de facto partners regarding property may be dealt with by the Family Court of Western Australia. Property settlements can vary greatly and expertise in this area is required to ensure that parties are given the best advice for their individual circumstances.

Parties are encouraged to settle their property dispute without the intervention of the court. If parties are able to reach an amicable resolution they may file an Application for Consent Orders with the Family Court of Western Australia.

Alternatively, parties who cannot reach agreement may file an application in the Family Court of Western Australia for determination by a judicial officer. Parties to the dispute should be aware this can be a very long process; however the parties can settle the matter at any time during the proceedings by consent.

Family Law legislation imposes time limitations for parties to bring proceedings in respect of property and leave to commence proceedings will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. For this reason it is advisable to seek legal advice regarding the property of a relationship as soon as possible.

Perth Family Lawyers offer clients expertise in all areas of property settlement and give comprehensive advice specific to each client’s individual circumstances.