Parenting Plan

A Parenting Plan is an agreement reached between the two parents of a child regarding the child, which is dated, and signed by both parents. A Parenting Plan does not need to be formalized through the Family Court; however, it does not have the same effect as an Order of the Court.

An Order of the Family Court is binding and enforceable, whereas a Parenting Plan is not binding and enforceable but can be used as evidence in later proceedings as to what was agreed between two parties at the time it was signed.

Further, the legislation provides that if proceedings are commenced between parties and a Parenting Plan had previously been in existence, then the Family Court will have regard to that Plan in considering the proceedings.

A Parenting Plan can assist in minimizing conflict, as it is a written document to which both parties have agreed. However, in cases where parties intend to complete a comprehensive Parenting Plan, Perth Family Lawyers recommends that parties seek legal advice in relation to the Plan to ensure it addresses all relevant matters. At Perth Family Lawyers, our solicitors are equipped with the knowledge and experience to assist our clients in relation to Parenting Plans, ensuring that all necessary matters are considered.