Understanding more about parenting arrangements


We have seen it all at Perth Family Lawyers when it comes to resolving parenting arrangements.  Decisions you make, and how you conduct yourself at, and following, your separation can have a lifelong impact on your relationship with your former partner, and your children.  At Perth Family Lawyers, we know that children come first and, as officers of the Court, we prioritise their best interests.  We are not afraid to give you honest and direct advice about parenting matters to secure the best outcome for you as cost effectively as possible.

Our legislation provides that it is in children’s best interests to have a meaningful relationship with each of their parents to the maximum extent possible consistent with their best interests, but ensuring they are protected from harm.  Our dedicated Perth Family Lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing in parenting matters, and know how the Court process works. We pride ourselves on providing direct, genuine advice to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

We also provide practical advice to our clients to ensure that children are not exposed to entrenched parental conflict.  The best thing for your children is that you and your former partner resolve things as quickly and as amicably as possible.  Children (generally) love both of their parents and can be exposed to trauma if they are put in the middle between warring parents.  It is imperative that you bear this in the front of your mind when dealing with, or communicating with, your former partner.  Let the team of dedicated family lawyers at Perth Family Lawyers help you through disputes with the other parent and ensure that the parenting arrangements in place are the best possible outcome for your kids.