Mums and Dads Forever Program

The Mums and Dads Forever Program has been developed by Anglicare WA.

The Program aims to assist parents and children who are currently in the process of a family separation.

The Family Court of Western Australia will often consider making it a requirement (a Court Order) for the parents involved in Court proceedings to attend this program.  Alternatively, parents can attend this program voluntarily and we often urge parents to do so.

The program was developed as means to help assist separated parents with their communication and relationship-management skills.

The program essentially aims to facilitate and encourage a healthy post-separation parenting relationship with a former partner.

The program can assist parents to promote meaningful communication between them and the other parent and to help children work through the issues of a separation.

Participants are expected to discuss the main issues surrounding their separation, along with possible strategies to reduce conflict with the other parent and to minimise the impact that their separation will have on their children.

Some things to think about when managing conflict around children

  1. Don’t make your children pick ‘sides’;
  2. Do not engage in negative talk about the other party in front of the children (or if they can overhear you);
  3. Seek professional help if you believe that you or your children are not coping;
  4. Do not rely on your children to support you during this difficult time;
  5. Do not send messages to the other parent via your children;
  6. Do not engage in arguments in front of your children;
  7. Do not use handover to air any grievances;
  8. At handover try to behave as normally as possible and be polite and courteous (if you can) rather than ignoring the other parent (as this can also be really uncomfortable for your children);
  9. Consider communicating with the other parent via SMS or email so there is a clear line of communication to share information with the other parent;
  10.  When communicating with the other parent, via SMS or email, try to keep to the information that needs to be communicated rather than inflaming the situation with other issues;
  11. Considering using an App for communicating with the other parent, or sharing information;
  12. Remember that the other parent loves the children too, and it is likely that you both want what is best for your children.

The team at Perth Family Lawyers deal with managing conflict during separation and aim to minimise the distress for children in this emotional time.

You can find out more about the Mums and Dads Program by visiting the Mum and Dads Forever Website.

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