Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution

There are amazing services available in our community to assist separated couples to navigate the difficult issues that need to be resolved following a separation.

Whilst this is the case, at Perth Family Lawyers, our experience is that prior to attending mediation or family dispute resolution, it is critical that you obtain independent legal advice regarding your rights and responsibilities so that you can maximise the benefit of attending at such services.

In preparing for attending at a mediation service, it is important that you have turned your mind to various issues. For example, if you are attending mediation with a view to discussing and resolving parenting issues, it is of significant benefit to have received legal advice regarding what the Court will consider in determining the parenting arrangements having regard to the best interest of your children. In that respect, independent legal advice can provide you with the knowledge that the parenting arrangements you are considering are the best option for your children.

We have met with clients on occasion who have been completely misguided regarding what Orders the Court would make in a parenting case. By way of example, parents of very young infants who incorrectly believe that the Court would order an equal shared care arrangement between a warring, separated couple in circumstances where one of the parents has historically been the child’s primary carer.

For mediation services to assist separated couples to resolve the financial matters, it is important that you have advice regarding disclosure issues, valuation issues, and the relevant factors that the Court will consider in determining a fair and equitable division of the asset pool.

We go above and beyond

Additionally, at Perth Family Lawyers, we aim to offer exceptional service to our valued clients. Accordingly, if we are aware you have scheduled a mediation or a family dispute resolution session, we will ensure you can access legal advice throughout by ensuring a solicitor is available by phone for you to obtain immediate clarity and advice, should the need arise.

Call us now to arrange an appointment to discuss your family law needs, so we can support you whilst you work through the processes involved.