ABOUT Bhagya Karunarathne


Bhagya Karunarathne

Bhagya was born and raised in Sri Lanka and relocated to Perth in 2016 to pursue higher studies. She graduated from the University of Western Australia in early 2018 with a Master’s in International Law and International Relations.

Bhagya’s fascination for the law developed at an early age, which drove Bhagya to obtain a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of London in 2015. Having been admitted as an Attorney-at-Law in Sri Lanka in July 2017, Bhagya commenced her journey of qualifying as an Australian Solicitor in 2022. In September 2023, Bhagya was admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

Bhagya served as the Associate to a Senior District Court Judge prior to commencing her career as a solicitor, which enabled Bhagya to develop a sound understanding of Court processes.

Bhagya has also worked with culturally and linguistically diverse people, including immigrants and First Nations peoples, and strongly believes in empowering people through educating them about the law. Bhagya has delivered community legal education to a number of different audiences in a previous role and acted as a sessional Teaching Assistant at the Law Schools of the University of Western Australia and Curtin University, where her work primarily focused on social justice and human rights.

Bhagya is passionate about assisting people in resolving their family law matters by providing client-focused solutions.