What our Lawyers say about online safety for your children In the modern world we live in, young children are online before we know it. Connected toys, touch screens, different programs to watch on streaming services, video calling with family and friends, are just some of the ways children to use internet. Being online has many benefits for young children, including opportunities to explore their creativity, improve their language skills, solve problems, think critically and
It is compulsory in Australia for people who have separated to attempt Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR”) before applying to a family court for orders in relation to parenting matters. There are some exemptions to that compulsory requirement, however, including: Where issues are required to be dealt with on an urgent basis, such as a concern that the other party may attempt to leave the Country with a child of your relationship;Where family violence or child
New data has confirmed that the coronavirus lockdown has put a strain on relationships. A study on the impacts of Covid-19 show that 42% of people have experienced a negative change in their relationships during the last few months. It appears that this statistic is directly related to the finding that 55% of people reported feeling challenged by their living arrangements during this time. The enquiries that Perth Family Lawyers have received over the last few months
Unfortunately, we live in a world where victims of domestic violence have been horribly injured or murdered by their partners.  People who do not understand the complex dynamics involved in family violence always seem incredulous that victims stay in those relationships.  It sounds like a simple solution that if a partner emotionally, physically or sexually abuses you, “you should just LEAVE”.  However, we at Perth Family Lawyers know that leaving an abusive relationship is never
Are you tempted to secretly record your ex? We suggest that YOU DON’T DO IT. Recording conversations without the knowledge or consent of the other person may result in you breaching the Surveillance Devices Act and Commonwealth Telecommunications Act. Serious criminal penalties can apply.  At Perth Family Lawyers we know the impact that family breakdown can have on you emotionally and psychologically and it may be tempting to secretly audio or video record conversations or
I’VE BEEN SERVED WITH A FAMILY VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDER! WHAT DO I DO? If you have been served with a Family Violence Restraining Order (“FVRO”) this may have been the first time you have found out about the Application. It is important to note that once you have been served, the FVRO will immediately come into force. You should read the Order carefully and thereafter immediately obtain legal advice regarding your obligations pursuant to the
A Violence Restraining Order can be issued by the Magistrates Court after an Application is completed and filed by a party seeking the Order, or by the Police on behalf of a party (the protected party). The Application will then be heard by a Magistrate and, in some circumstances, can initially be heard in the absence of the other party. A Violence Restraining Order can be made to prevent another person from committing an act
Did you know that if parenting proceedings have been commenced in a family law court (whether in the Family Court of Western Australia or elsewhere in Australia), it is an offence to take a Child the subject of those proceedings outside of Australia without the consent of the other party, or an order of the Court. So, if you decide to “pop over” to Bali one weekend with the Children, thinking it is just easier
Plan to arrive early, traffic can be at a standstill at times, and you will also need to locate parking;Parking is available at the Perth Concert Hall, or in the Terrace Road car park, street parking can also be located along Terrace Road, or Victoria Avenue;Be aware that there is security screening at the Court, and when entering the Court you will need to place all your personal items into a tray for screening by
Spousal or de facto maintenance orders provide for a spouse or de facto partner to deliver financial support to their former partner either in a lump sum payment or on periodical basis. Maintenance of this nature can be ordered in circumstances where a party to a marriage (or a de facto relationship) has the capacity to pay an amount by way of financial support to their former partner, and the former partner has a reasonable