On Friday, 12 March 2021, the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia issued a media release concerning the expansion of the COVID-19 list, in order to provide for a broader range of circumstances. The Courts recognised that vaccination of children may become an issue of dispute between separated parents and may require priority attention. In addition, families may be experiencing relatively sudden changes to their financial position as government support measures
Separated or divorced couples who have children together must continue to contribute towards their children’s financial wellbeing following separation. Child support applies to all parents, including same-sex parents whether married or in a de facto relationship, who have never lived together or even had a relationship. The goal of child support is to provide for the following expenses: Food;Clothing;Medical and dental costs;Housing costs;School or pre-school expenses;Extra-curricular activities; However, Perth Family Lawyers note that there are
Perth Family Lawyers are excited to introduce you to the Lighthouse Project – the new family violence and risk screening initiative. The Lighthouse Project will allow the Family Court to screen for risk and focus on public health and improved outcomes for families involved in the family law system. The Commonwealth Government announced that it will provide funding for a risk screening and triage pilot in the Adelaide, Brisbane and Parramatta registries of the Courts. The
As Christmas is approaching in what feels like the shortest but also longest year of the decade, it is now a crucial time to consider your current and future parenting arrangements.  Christmas can be a special time of year for families and it is important that memories are not marred by conflict between parents who have not resolved the time that each parent will spend with the children during the Christmas period. Please take note
Family law is different to other areas of law due to its very personal nature. Family law disputes unfortunately can end up in Court.  Court proceedings can be extremely stressful and costly with uncertainty as to the outcome.  We recommend that you consult with an experienced solicitor at Perth Family Lawyers at any stage for advice.  You can seek advice if you are considering separation or whilst you and your partner may be living separately
Perth Family Lawyers advise that on 30 June 2020, the Commonwealth Attorney General announced a new online service. This is called “Amica”. In announcing this service, the Honourable Christian Porter MP, commented the following. This service will be “suitable to couples whose relationship is relatively amicable”. He went on to say that the purpose of it is to “enable users to negotiate and communicate online with their former partner at their time and their own
It is not unusual that, if you hear strange sounds, clicks or static noise during your telephone conversations, you may be concerned your phone is being tapped. At Perth Family Lawyers, we are hearing more and more often that our clients are worried about their privacy being compromised and telephones ‘bugged’ by their current or former partners. It is a genuine concern and we are able to provide professional legal help and guidance if you
At Perth Family Lawyers, we recognise that there are 3 ways in which parties can arrange child support matters. They are: via a child support assessment;via a child support agreement; andvia an informal agreement. A Child Support Assessment The Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989 enables parents to apply to the Child Support Registrar to have an administrative assessment put into place, between the parties, based on information available to the Registrar.  When the application is made the
At Perth Family Lawyers our solicitors are often asked by clients “at what age can their children decide which parent they wish to live with?”.  There is no clear-cut answer to this question. The legislation, the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), does not prescribe a particular age which gives children autonomy to make decisions with regards to where they want to live and how much time they want to spend with the other parent. When
Perth Family Lawyers have been informed that as of May 2020, victims of family and domestic violence can apply for restraining order online, rather than having to attend the Magistrates Court in person. New laws enabling this have been passed by the Government as a response to an increased risk of domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic and isolation that the pandemic has brought with it.  Further, new laws were passed creating a separate offence