FVRO’s – Same sex and Gender Identification

In the event that a person in a relationship is the subject of family violence or perceives that in the future they may be subjected to family violence, that person may seek to obtain a family violence restraining order (FVRO) from the Magistrates Court protecting themselves from the perpetrator of domestic violence.  

A person only needs to demonstrate that they are in a family relationship and as such is either currently or previously married or are or were in a defacto relationship.

The legislation does not specify what the gender of the parties must be nor does the law discriminate as to what gender a person identifies as.  Therefore, if you are in a same sex relationship and subject to any form of domestic violence or have the fear that in the future you may be subjected to family violence you are able to apply to the Magistrates Court for a (FVRO) for your own protection.

Here at Perth Family Lawyers, we have extensive experience in all areas of FVRO’s, no matter what your personal relationship circumstances may be.   Our services include preparing an application, to providing advice whether you are the person protected or person bound by an FVRO, together with any court representation that may be required.

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