First Days of School

On a number of social media platforms at the start of the new school year we are inundated with photographs taken by parents of their kids commencing or returning to school for the year. It is always so heartwarming to see those young smiling eager faces, setting out on their educational adventure for that year and the beautiful expressions of gratitude and love from parents wishing them success.

Sadly, also on a number of platforms there will be posts about parents excluded not only from being present on those all important ‘first day’ or ‘first day back’ to school but even from receiving a photograph from the other parent of that milestone. For those parents and children, this can be heartbreaking…but also lets think about the impact on the kids, who missed out on the other parent being there, or at least having a photograph to treasure of that day.

I was once privileged to be present during a very profound mediation event. The chairperson asked the parents to talk about how they hoped their child would recall the parent’s separation, and the period of their childhood that encompassed that time. Of course both parents readily stated that they hoped that their child recalled that their childhood was happy, and without trauma. Is that what your child or children will recall? Sometimes adults, in the midst of emotional trauma, shame and grief, lose sight of the long term impact on children and unconsciously expose the children to the adult conflict.

Small decisions you make, in the moment, have an impact.

Consider sharing that first day back to school photograph.

Even if you don’t have to.

For your kid’s sake.

So both of you treasure the moment.

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