About how Family Violence Restraining Orders work

Family Violence Restraining Orders

Family violence is not limited to only physical assaults.  Family Violence is any behaviour that coerces or controls another family member, or causes them to be fearful.  It can include forms of physical, verbal, financial, emotional and psychological abuse.

If you are unsure as to whether your situation warrants a Family Violence Restraining Order, the team at Perth Family Lawyers are experienced with providing advice and appearing in both local and remote Magistrates Courts to seek any necessary protection for our clients.  We can also guide you through the Application process itself and support you with the process as it can be daunting for some clients due to the sensitive issues, their exposure to family violence and having to disclose their experiences.

Alternatively, if you have been served with a Family Violence Restraining Order, this can be a very confusing time.  You may not be aware of the very serious legal ramifications for not abiding by the terms of the Order, or what the legal process is for opposing the Order.  It is imperative that you get advice immediately to understand how it affects your relationship with the person who has sought the Order and if the Order will impact on your family life, such as spending time with your children.  Family Violence Restraining Orders can have an enormous impact on your life, and can prohibit you from returning to the family home.  Complying with the Order is crucial so as to not prejudice your case, or your family law matters.

Again our solicitors  at Perth Family Lawyers are highly experienced in explaining the process in clear easy to understand terms, and advising you on the most suitable path forward for your personal situation, as well as representing you in the Magistrates Court, and guiding you through the Court system.  We pride ourselves on being readily available to schedule urgent appointments to provide advice on Violence Restraining Order matters at Perth Family Lawyers.