Do you have your Christmas parenting arrangements resolved? Time limits apply

As Christmas is approaching in what feels like the shortest but also longest year of the decade, it is now a crucial time to consider your current and future parenting arrangements. 

Christmas can be a special time of year for families and it is important that memories are not marred by conflict between parents who have not resolved the time that each parent will spend with the children during the Christmas period.

Please take note that the last date for filing any application in the Family Court of Western Australia with respect to your Christmas parenting arrangements is Friday, 6 November 2020.

Any Applications that are filed after this date, are not guaranteed to be processed and heard before Christmas.  This could result in no arrangements being in place for your children at Christmas.  This can cause considerable emotional distress to parents and children and can cause irreparable damage to your co-parenting relationship with the other parent. 

Being refused time with your children around Christmas time is particularly difficult to cope with emotionally as parents.  Subject to any risk issues, arrangements should be considered well in advance and agreement reached (and documented) to avoid arguments during what should be a special time of year.

We strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated family law solicitors with regards to your parenting arrangements at Christmas.  Call us on (08) 9325 8675 as soon as possible, in order to secure an appointment and file any necessary applications before the upcoming cut-off date. 

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Perth Family Lawyers wish you a happy and healthy rest of your year and are readily available to assist you in ensuring you are supported during this stressful time.