Understanding more about divorce and separation


The experience of a family breakdown can be heartbreaking.  At Perth Family Lawyers, our team are highly experienced in assisting you through this very emotional time.  We understand that you are going through a difficult and trying time, and we strive to provide practical legal advice and support to ease the situation for you as cost effectively and expeditiously as possible.

Your first priority should be to obtain independent legal advice specific to your situation, as having the right advice is crucial to achieving the best possible outcomes for yourself.  Perth Family Lawyers also can assist you with providing recommendations for additional support whilst you deal with the human and emotional side of a separation.

We can also guide you through the best way of moving forward, ensuring that you do not prejudice yourself in your parenting or property settlement matters by making poor choices.  It is so important to get hard hitting, no nonsense advice, and our team strives to deliver this to our clients to ensure their long term best interests.

We can complete a Divorce Application on your behalf, when the time is right, or give you the necessary support and advice so you can complete the Application yourself.

There is no legal requirement to get a Divorce Order, unless you wish to remarry, but many of our clients see the Divorce Order as closure, and proceed with the Application so they can move forward emotionally with their lives.  At Perth Family Lawyers, we have the experience and empathy to get the job done as simply as possible for you.