Communication For Separated Parents

The Court, when deciding what is in the best interests of a child, and also what arrangements are practical, often will look at each parent’s ability to share and communicate appropriately with each other.

Following separation, clear and consistent communication between parents becomes highly important for the children. However, this is also a time when many people find it very difficult to speak with and make arrangements with their former partner.  This could be for a multitude of reasons, including adults working through issues themselves following the separation including grieving for the loss of the relationship, or be engaged in high-conflict with the other parent as they work through resolving parenting and financial issues following the separation.  Often, communication between separated parents will improve over time, however it is vitally important for children, that notwithstanding any conflict between the parents, that parents still are able to effectively communicate with one another necessary information regarding their children.

Children should never be used to pass ‘messages’ or information from one parent to another.  The effect of this is that often children are exposed to conflict between their parents, and are the ‘meat in the sandwich’ which can have long-lasting negative impacts on the children.  Children generally love both of their parents.  Children should not be involved in the conflict between the parents, and indeed should be shielded from it as much as is possible by both of their parents.  The Court will generally take a very dim view of parents who allow information to be shared from one parent to another, using a child. 

Sometimes parents would utilize a Communication Book which would pass between the parents at handover and contain written communication to be shared between the parents.  Often this can cause difficulties as the book could be damaged, missing, or not handed over to the other parent.  Accordingly, at Perth Family Lawyers we encourage our client to utilize a App for the purposes of communication so you can be certain that all required information is being shared by the parents.

Whether separated or not, parents do need to communicate about various issues.  This can include if the children have been sick, injured, or medicated, or about school or social issues.  Imagine as a parent, if you were not informed about your child not doing well at school, or being unwell, or hospitalized, or having surgery by the other parent.  This can cause significant conflict between parents, who feel as though they were kept in the dark about serious issues affecting their child.

A new App, the ‘eCommBook’ aims to make communication between separated parents easier by allowing the parents to download an App within which they can share various information in relation to the child’s appointments, excursions and general shared custody arrangements on their phone, therefore making the whole process less emotional and stressful.

This revolutionary App also has a function where dates, time and locations are securely stored. Not only does this meant that information can be used in Court proceedings if required, but this App also aims to prevent violence or a breach of a domestic violence order from occurring.

The App comes with a monthly subscription fee, a portion of which is donated to charities.

Find out more about this App by visiting the eCommBook website

There are many other Apps available for download that can assist parents to manage communication and information sharing regarding their kids.  For example you may want to check out some of these Apps and find the one that suits your needs best:

All of these apps and websites can be of great help but you may well also need advice relating to your particular situation. Make sure you have everything covered and speak to one of our dedicated solicitors at Perth Family Lawyers. Why not contact us today on (08)9325 8675 or by email at Perth Family Lawyers to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your individual situation.

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