Common Mistakes In Filling Out Your Form 13 Financial Statement

A Form 13 Financial Statement is filed in any cases involving financial issues, including property settlement matters, spousal maintenance, child support and at times children’s cases.

If when you complete the Form, it does not allow you to provide all of the information to enable you to make full disclosure, you should file an Affidavit including the further information.

At Perth Family Lawyers we have noted some consistent errors in Form 13 Financial Statements to be aware of:

  1. Question 9 Total Wages or Salary before Tax – this should reflect your weekly gross salary (which means the amount you get paid BEFORE you pay tax);
  2. Question 19 Total Income Tax – this is where you insert the weekly income tax that is deducted from your salary or wages;
  3. Question 20 Superannuation – you should only note superannuation payments that you meet directly from your income. It is not uncommon for a Form 13 to be completed which includes the amount paid directly by your employer to your superannuation fund.
  4. Question 32 Total of all other Expenditure – this figure is often not included by litigants, but should represent that total of all your other weekly expenditure.  A good guide to working this out, is to complete the last page of the Form 13 Financial Statement to gauge your other expenditure each week.

If you need assistance or advice with the completion of a Form 13, why not contact the friendly, professional team at Perth Family Lawyers.

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