But Google said…. The importance of getting expert advice in Family Law

Having the internet at our fingertips makes life so much easier. Google, and the internet in general, has changed our lives and now it’s as simple as saying “hey google, can you tell me about the recipe for” or “hey google can you direct me to the nearest coffee shop” to get the information you need. But what about legal advice? Does, “hey google how do I get divorced? or “hey Google, what happens if my ex doesn’t hand over my children?” actually help you?

The short answer is no. Internet browsing will often lead you to brochures and instructions on Western Australian court websites, or articles on websites which can be informative, but often only provide generic advice not specific, or helpful, to your own situation.

Every case, particularly so in Family Law, is very different. Seeking legal advice from a qualified family lawyer gives you advice specific to your own situation, what steps you need to take and support from the beginning.

We so often hear incorrect statements like “as soon as a child turns 12, they can do what they want, the Family Court has no say” or “my friend just had a property settlement and she got X%”. What happened in your friend or family members situation is unlikely to apply to your own case.

Sitting down with a family lawyer, early on in your separation, who has a complete understanding of the legislation, rules and court processes is priceless. We always recommend that your first step should be to see a solicitor at Perth Family Lawyers, to ensure you are aware of all your rights and responsibilities, and can find out in advance of any negotiations occurring, from experienced independent family lawyers, what your options are. 

Our family lawyers, at Perth Family Lawyers, are experts in this field. We understand that family law mattes are complex, invasive and at times heart breaking. Family Law is an area that involves those closest to you – your family – and we appreciate the fact it is an area of law that involves high emotions. When issues arise in situations that are so important to you, it is imperative to invest in obtaining clear advice from an expert family lawyer.

So before you say, “Hey google…”, contact us at Perth Family Lawyers on (08) 9325 8675 to book an appointment today. Perth Family Lawyers offer fixed cost initial appointments, where we can provide you with professional legal advice and guide you through your next steps. Call (08) 9325 8675 today or obtain further information on our website www.perthfamilylawyers.com