Attending Court with Perth Family Lawyers

If Perth Family Lawyers are representing you at Court, you should enquire from our offices as to whether you are required to attend the Court hearing personally.

There are some occasions where your personal attendance is not required as the Court event may be procedural in nature, and your lawyer from Perth Family Lawyers will appear on your behalf.

If you are required to attend, please note that the Family Court of Western Australia is located at 150 Terrace Road, which is next to the Perth Concert Hall and behind the Duxton Hotel.

Parking is available in the CPP along Riverside Drive, and the undercover parking at the Concert Hall. Please be advised that parking can at times be difficult to secure.

As you enter into the Family Court, you will be required to undergo security screening. Please ensure that you do not have any metal forks or glass bottles in your bags.

You do not need to dress formally, however we recommend that your attire be conservative.

Please also ensure that your mobile phones are switched off or turned on silent.

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