Perth Family Lawyers advise that on 30 June 2020, the Commonwealth Attorney General announced a new online service. This is called “Amica”.

In announcing this service, the Honourable Christian Porter MP, commented the following. This service will be “suitable to couples whose relationship is relatively amicable”. He went on to say that the purpose of it is to “enable users to negotiate and communicate online with their former partner at their time and their own space.”


Parenting Matters

Amica can assist couples to reach agreement for parenting arrangements in a user-friendly manner. Amica helps parents to negotiate their parenting arrangements and to record them.

The arrangements that you make for your children following your separation are called parenting arrangements. As children grow and their needs change, parents may have to update and amend these parenting arrangements.

Amica can also assist you with discussing parenting arrangements for children of a relationship who are under the age of 18. This includes biological children, including those conceived with the assistance of IVF and adopted children.


Property and Financial Matters

Amica can make suggestions regarding property division between the parties based on information which is entered by the parties. This is done using artificial intelligence, which considers legal principles and then applies them to real life circumstances.

If you and your partner agree with the division as proposed by Amica, you can then arrange between yourselves how would you like to divide your asset pool.


This can only work, however, if your financial or/and parenting matters are not complex and you and your partner are amicable. If that is not the case, we suggest that you see one of our devoted family lawyers and discuss your matters with us. Perth Family Lawyers will be able to provide you with professional legal advice and advise you accordingly, can negotiate your financial and/or parenting issues on your behalf, or prepare any necessary court documents for filing with the Family Court or Magistrates Court.

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